Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

and you know what? things are different now. remember, that. change is all there is. and before a saddness to let go, now a relief, a relief, in what’s to come, a relief, that another issuance will pull forth into the station and everything you thought so permanently locked, will slide smoothly away and disappear like the wind last winter so cold you’ve already forgot. struggle with me – stuggle with me! find the resource within you to march and march cold, against pavement hard and crushing, but do it. for me. there is power in movement, unrelenting, even the smallest of twitching reminds you you are still alive, and death has not yet taken you home. You are alive! and one little ankle or one little curve of your wrist will send him home, will prove success over all that is not, by in this moment being something that is. that is all. that is all that is to be done. perfect honesty. you know you can feel it, you know you can perform. all it takes is finding that space inside you that opened up so long ago that now the cold doesn’t even sting it.

* *

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