Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

If you ever hear me complain, please know that it is not real. I mean, the frustration being experienced, by my future self, I’m sure will be quite real. But it’s also not.

Not real at all.

In this moment, I am so in love with living, that I do not know how I will ever, ever begin to pay back whomever is responsible for this… this– existence. I am completely dumbfounded as to how I got so lucky. I am lying at the bottom of a soft, soft bowl with soft, soft golden light bouncing against me at every move. My heart sings. My heart sings. My heart sings.

Thank you. All I want to do, with the rest of my life, is somehow find a way to spread this love to everyone. I hereby devote my life to passing on the Love that has been given to me, that is given to us all, daily, infinitely, eternally.

What a sweet blessing to let go.

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  1. marc says:

    Shannon, you rock! Yes, life is a wonderful gift, a miracle, a thing to be treasured and shared! Stay groovy and keep being an inspiration to the rest of the planet!

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