Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

See — life isn’t all doom and gloom: my cat Patches, at 16 years old, finally learned to use the litterbox! We celebrated this morning with an extra serving of Giblets & Gravy (for her) and freshly-brewed homemade Dong Quai tea (for me). Then I sat down to write.

It is precisely at this moment — when I find myself not only celebrating my elder cat’s ability to piss in a box but my writing about it — that I realize I am still the same goofy nerd as ever. No amount of loss or tragedy can squash my dorkism, thank God.

I am smiling.


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3 Comments to “It’s the Little Things”

  1. m says:

    Yay, Patches!
    Yay, Shannon! Does Patches know that this is the Year of the Rat? Uh-oh!
    much love always

  2. alia says:

    Oh, Shanny! Perspective! It really is the little things, innit?

  3. Your cousin Christy says:

    Happy Valentines Day!!! I am thinking of you…Talked with Kathy and Dave today..How are you? I think about you everyday!!! You are a beautiful girl…. lets go on a vacation!!!!

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