Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

It’s almost November, and you know what that means! No, not the election (something even BIGGER than that!)

Start sharpening your pencils, changing the ribbons on your typewriter, or (if you must) booting up your hard drives, because it’s… National Novel Writing Month!

I’m gearing up to crank out 50,000 words in 30 days, and I’m not alone! I have at least 4 others with whom I will be in good company for the grand ole word-churn. Let me know if anyone else out there is inspired to do the same, and I’ll be happy to track your progress here on NKS.

Novels away!

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  1. I'm Kind of a Big Deal says:

    Ha-ha, oh, what a curious happenstance that you should post such a post right now, Ms. deJong, because my genius was idling about, looking for the next vehicle for my personal greatness, of which I am obnoxiously assured.

    Wr..writ..writing a novel, you say? Hmm, o.k., why not? And if she doesn’t turn out well, if she proves worthless trash, you know, I’ll just junk her.

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