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This is not a political blog.

I try my darndest to keep it as close to a creative personal narrative as possible. But I have to interrupt your regularly scheduled blog for this public service announcement [I'm sorry, in advance, to those of you whom I know read my blog but don't, however, agree with my politics]. We all must do what we must.

I just took the next step towards owning a piece of the political process; I made a donation to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign (yes, even on my bohemian freelance income…)

I’ve never donated time, let alone money, to ANYTHING political. Why now? Honestly: I am tired of watching interviews with Katie Couric, slapping my forehead and groaning about “shoring up the economy” and then… doing squat about it. Or worse: taking pop-shots at Palin and smugly TiVo-ing the Daily Show.

Since my platform of United Yippies for a Better America isn’t ready for the presidency yet, I knew I had to do *something.*

I’m making great assumptions of your political orientation, and hey — I’m a social liberal but fiscal conservative, too! However, at this point in the game, I’m only really given two options, and so I lean to the left. (Fact of the matter is, I rather like McCain’s straighforward, maverick atmosphere. But he’s only half the ticket).

I apologize if this smarts of either offense or tedium, but, as they say over there at the Obama camp:
it’s going to take more than just me and the others who’ve acted so far — it’s going to take a movement. “

Or whatever. But I just wanted to reach out to my “fellow Americans” and say that I decided to donate/volutneer both my time and money — I figured at least this way I’ve purchased my right to complain.

Donating $5, or $25….So maybe that won’t “make a difference” — but neither will spending $5 on some double-latte with soy, or filling up my gas tank (half-way). But it doesn’t hurt to *pretend* it’ll make a difference… and maybe, just a little bit, believe it can.

At this crucial moment in history, I’m no longer satisfied hoping my vote is “enough.”

In case you’d like to join me with either time or money. Apologies again for such an overtly mass political post, but I’m tired of being uninspired.

Back to your regularly scheduled program.

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  1. Aunt Penni says:

    Hey Shannon,
    You ask why you are giving time or money to a political campaign now? Maybe because you have had the time to look at the campaign. We are all tired of listening to Katie Couric, including me, who only saw her one time when I turned the channel on at the wrong time. I cannot applaud your choice of Obama to support. I disagree with your choice for exactly the reason you noted…I am a fiscal conservative, and he is definitly not. The choices for this national election are not perfect. In fact, even ‘tho I know who I will vote for, I have decided that I will “just live through it” for the next term in hopes that a great leader will come along. Love, Aunt Pen

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