Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

Ah. The sweet smell of In-ter-net.

Finally, after THREE WEEKS of being without web access on my laptop, the ole DSL goes up. What’s that you say? Why in the hell does she have DSL? Because I was told that there was no cable offered in my area. And I believed them. And that was wrong.

So after Bruce, the very nice technician, came to my house and noticed that my apartment’s 90-year-old wiring was not set up for speeding across the World Wide Web, I accepted the bad news and thanked my lucky starts that at least I could post a friendly b.log without thumb-tapping on my iPhone. Just no big video downloads for me.

But instead of feeling frustrated that I was not moving forward with the pace of technology, I decided that I’m going to move backward. As in, I’m going Tech Retro:

  • I got myself a landline. With a corded phone. (And I’m hunting for a rotary).
  • I am giving up a Netflix, etc. (that includes iTunes downloads, web streaming) and opened up an account at my locally-owned video store.
  • I’m using a 1950′s Toastmaster metal toaster with fabric electrical cord and melted plastic Wonderbread circles on the side

And yes, I was tempted to get one of these:

[ from fonejackerhacker.co.uk ]

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  1. alia beeton says:

    nice… I think you should invest in that rotary iphone deck… what could be more retro-actively forward thinking than that?

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