Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

Project Muu-Muu has gone off without a hitch. In the last two days I have learned two lessons regarding the wearing of muu-muus:
1. Despite ample ventilation, the polyester ones are not condusive to auto-cooling;
2. Against all reason, muu-muus can be worn fashionably (somewhat). Observe:

The first day of my week-long muu-muu-wearing escapade, I was – as might be expected – a little insecure to be wandering around Sonoma County in nothing but a polyester tent — I do have some dignity, you know.

So I wore it over a pair of 7 jeans (for contrast) and spruced it up with some geek-chic glasses, a red bra and red shoes. Voilà!

Before:                               After: Fashion Forward!   

                                   Before: Fashion Flop                                                      After: Fashion Forward!

The next day I was even more inspired to see just what things these muu-muus could do-do. There’s nothing like a black belt and patent leather ass-kicking heels to make an outfit kick-ass:


                                                          Before: Plane Jane                                                       After: Hot to Trot

Okay. So I’m not Cosmo Magazine nor a fortune teller, but I’m p r e e e t t y  s u r e muu-muus are going to start cropping up on Paris runways this fall… or, at least, covering them.

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3 Comments to “In a Good Muu-Muu’d”

  1. Sneak King says:

    One Word — Wow!

  2. Mandy says:

    Sheer brilliance!
    What a great way to make something fab out of something frumpy.
    And you’re recycling! This is totally going to be the new eco-chic fad.

  3. rplatsisimo says:

    you did look fantastic in your muumuu on Saturday!

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