Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

…we have for far too long been undermining ourselves.

Yes, the world is full of beautiful, talented people. But we are beyond comparison.

We are at zero. Not one. Not negative one: zero.

Neutral. Incomparable. Singular. Is.

You are a beautiful, talented human being. I am a beautiful, talented human being. What are we waiting for?

I realized tonight HOW MUCH I judge myself. The world is tainted through my eyes. When will I throw off this oppressive delusion? There is absolutely No Thing standing in my way… Except for me.

Why do we hide our light? We must step bravely forward to do our service, to fulfill our duty–which is only to become what we are, to be our Is-ness– to ourselves, and then the world.

There is so much potential for greatness! No question. It is guaranteed. We have ten billion suns inside of us, and it’s mind boggling how we are able to fight that for so long…

Sometimes an entire lifetime.

I don’t want to fight anymore.

I just don’t understand what we’re waiting for. What I’m waiting for.

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