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What the hell is J. Crew thinking? They have, in their online catalog, courduroy dress pants, “each leg panel is a different color (navy, tiger lily, pine & maize).” Yes, it is from the current Winter 2005 catalog. No, I will not be ordering a pair.

Although I’m sure many will visit this site for bleeding-edge trend coverage (God knows I was on top of that metallic shoe trend that — despite misconceptions — started in the Tenderloin, San Francisco, not from Aldo fashionistas), I suspect I would wear out the ole RSS reader before I could even cover half of the trends that interest me. My NewsFire, in fact, is currently bogged down with 365 unread feeds. If only I could be a professional news junkie. Alas, I will instead redirect those interested parties to a site that I find does a pretty fair job: Agenda Inc. as I do want try and develop *somewhat* original material instead of going link-happy (see this paragraph).

But the pants were too good to be missed. Thank you J. Crew for another insightful foray into Fashion 2006

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I hate people like that! They are all crazy! They think they are the coolest and smartest ever. But really they are dumb

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