Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

Jet set is right.

I’m a bit lagged, to be certain. But it’s not the few drinks I had last night-  nor the rapidly rising temperature in Hanoi today- nor the diesel fumes, rock quarry dust, days of notetaking, frantic attempt to grasp onto a few Vietnamese words or harrowing 7 hour car ride back that, on a few occations, had enough “close calls” to never recount to my mother-that have rendered this traveler on the sluggish side.

It’s the extremes between being in Nghe An on a trip to interview people living in the surrounding villages for a website I agreed to write for a local NGO, contrasted against being back Hanoi presently at a birthday party composed of expats and Vietnamese gay boys (“rice queens” as they refer to themselves).

And now I hop on a plain for Thailand in two hours.

I asked one woman, 24, with three kids, if she could have one thing in the world, what would it be? She said a cow. And this is not a unicef commercial. These were people who had to ride bikes 30 minutes three times a day to get clean water. I met a lot of wonderful people. We laughed, played with the kids, talked about how the community is working toward great things by instilling new agriculture techniques, animal raising, etc. - and now I’m sitting here drinking Maker’s Mark Manhattans with, I might add, a very stylish asian hair pin in my hair. Hm.

 I have a plane to catch.


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