Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

So, I got a new job.

Technically, I already have a job: I am a Freelance Naming Consultant, but these days, with the economy in the crapper, things are a little slow. Normally, I would take the opportunity to just… work less. Which means writing more, traveling more, spending time with the fam more. However, after my recent tax returns, it seems I owe a little more to my dear old Uncle Sam than I expected– and, well, there went my savings…

…but I’m trying to take it all in stride, and remembering that often what seems like the poorest of luck can usher one into refreshing and unexpected experiences. Ergo: my new job.

* * *

I was out to dinner in downtown Penngrove with my mom and 2 aunts, at this great local restaurant called Humble Pie — which happens to be owned by a high school friend of mine and his fiancee. They are two fabulous, laid back people, and the food is every bit a labor of love…not to mention delicious. Everything is made from scratch, based on Miriam’s (co-owner and chef) family recipes.

[that was the plug, but you don't have to take my word for it: they've been getting great reviews.]

So. I’m eating some juicy rice-cheese-spices stuffed red peppers, and I look up at Josh (co-owner and waiter) as he passes by our table and ask, almost without thinking:

“You guys don’t need any help around here, do ya’?” I expect him to shrug and say no. It is a very small affair, and they have only ever hired 1 person “outside the family.”

He pauses, and then, very slowly, says, “Why… we just might.”

I say back to him, just as slowly, “Well, ok… we should be in touch then…”

A week later I am hired as their part-time waitress.

* * *

I can’t tell you how excited I am. It feels so right to be “in service” of others at this stage in my life, and to be working in an environment that is at once relaxed and full of positive energy. Plus, it’s in my hometown, and that makes me somehow proud.

“It’s the perfect next chapter to this story you seem to be living, Shannon,” my boyfriend said to me. “Don’t you get it? You have some impressive job and your own hip studio apartment in San Francisco. Then you leave it all behind to move back home with your parents in the country, and become a waitress at a place called HUMBLE PIE!” He rolls on the floor laughing.

But I’m laughing right along side him– laughing because: who would have guessed that of all the things in the world, what would really make me happy was a little humility?

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  1. Roya Rose says:

    I cant wait to eat there:)
    And to be served by you!

  2. Aunt Penni says:

    I was wondering where you were…now I am up to date. Thnks, and good luck with this.
    Aunt P

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