Taking no prisoners. Including herself.


This vow is harder than I thought; and easier; and more effective. Oh, the opportunity to self-learn is excruciating.

Do you know how liberating it is to go out clubbing in ratty jeans, an over-sized t-shirt, and sneakers bought in Vietnam that now have worn holes on the toes while everyone else is in spandex?


But do you know the kind of response you get when you bust a move to Bel Biv Devoe in downtown Oakland while not giving two licks what you look like?

Pretty positive.

And please don’t mention to anyone that you are on a vow of celibacy / flirting or dating haitus; trust me, they will take it as a bona fide challenge, and it doesn’t help.

Thankfully, I made it home un-satisfied.

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  1. kathi DeJong says:

    So that’s why you didn’t call your mother???

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