Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

Passport? Check.
Lire? Check.
Mosquito repellent? Check.
Nap? Check.

I had every intension of writing to tell all of you Lovliest of Readers about my newest Couch-hopping adventure… to Turkey! (Well, okay, I’m not really staying on anyone’s couch, but who’s keeping score?) But what does this silly yogi do just prior to her departure for a 14 hour flight to the City of Desire that straddles Europe and the Middle East? Why, take a two hour nap, of course.

(Just woke up. Not packed. Plane leaves in 4 hours.)

So this this’ll have to do. I’m off to hear the early morning wails of the mosques, smell the wonders of the spice bazaar, and then: do yoga on the Mediterranean. Yes, that’s right. I’m going on a yoga retreat.

Hey, hey — I know what you’re thinking: and I’m not sure why doing yoga in Turkey is different than at home, either. That’s why I’m going to find out…

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