Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

Why is it that we get exactly what we need? How can it be that what we want most in the world is given? That that for which we have such longing, such deepest magnetic draw, is that which the universe wants for us? All is given, that is, with a little patience.

I am always amazed when I’m granted grace. I still have a long way to go to develop my faith and discipline to a level that even begins to come close to reflecting the blessings that I’ve been given. As if it’d never come! I am constantly bombarded by the Larger Picture pummeling me with gifts — I somehow seem to mistake it as abuse. 

But grace always comes.

Forgive me if I use these words such as “faith” and “grace” and “blessings.” At one point in my life I would have accused myself of living too long in Northern California. “You’ve grown too soft, too hippie, too Berkeley.” But now I accept it. Now I see I just have no other words to talk about my experience.

Tonight I know that everything is exactly where it is meant to be.

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