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Baseball pitcher Kenny Rogers’ dark “smudge” on his hand during the World Series last night raised eyebrows (ESPN story) — was it dirt, tree sap or magic pitching cream? NPR even flippingly referred to it as “Dirt Gate” — or perhaps that was just my half awake mind.

All I know is that I’m not much of a sports fan and perhaps this is why. The “dark cloud” (or brown sticky cloud) of a potential scandal somehow came as no surprise — particularly in baseball. Sigh.

Cheating or no cheating, there’s going to be some great Halloween costumes to come out of this (can’t you see them now?), as well as a continued chipping away at the image of sports figures as role models (“don’t tell me you actually still believe in that role-model-bullshit?“)

No, but some people do.
But hey — we can always looks to other celebrities, like singers and songwriters, for role models, right? Like… the other Kenny Rogers! We’ve always got him! See: his hands are clean!

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