Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

In tribute to both the actor and unit of measurement, there will be a national (international?) spread of the image of Edward Furlong at furlong-long intervals (equal to 201.16800 meters. ) in major metropolitan cities–or where ever people want to get their Furlong on. If you are interested in participating or would like more information, you can contact me here.

LAUNCHING Wednesday February 1st at 1:68AM (2/01 at 168 to coincide with the number of meters in a furlong)

But the Furlong Project isn’t going to launch itself, so we need your help. First step, do your homework:

What is a furlong?

Who is Edward Furlong?

What is Edward’s official fan site?

And what’s with the lobster?

I want to be Edward’s friend myspace buddy!

NOTE: Project Furlong is not my idea; I am merely a facilitator

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2 Comments to “Get ready to Furlong”

  1. E says:

    Whoever had this idea must be damned brilliant.

    And incredibly handsome.

    (and still hung over from the weekend, so let’s hope he pulls up his end.)

  2. Tracy says:

    ..Im reeeeally not happy that im finding these things now…when iv tried before to no evail!! hmm

    Anyway.. Eddie rules..!! :o)

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