Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

[Cue violin strings]

As I say good-bye to the first half of my twenties, I find myself reflecting on what I’ve done with my life for this first quarter of a century [lolling trumpet]. Have I accomplished all I said I would by this age? What will I set out to do in years to come? I think of all the amazing folks that have graced my days, some still part of my present, some only as part of my past [symphony swells], and others I see gliding into my future. I think about the meaning of life [trilling peaks], and how that meaning has changed as the years rolled by and experiences left me bruised or stronger or more confused or more content.

And the most valuable nugget of wisdom [piano chord] I’ve been able to capture has been that life is a hell of a lot like a rabbit: it looks awfully cute and cuddly, but that fucker has sharp-ass claws [cymbal].

That’s why you throw a slinky into the mix — to render the whole thing beautifully absurd, wonderfully ridiculous, and therefore much, much easier to tolerate [enter clown on unicycle playing slide whistle].

(Don’t forget to slinky!)

[Special thanks to R.T. for the image]

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  1. royarose says:

    i hate rabbits

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