Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

Living at home with my folks has afforded me a newfound appreciation of them.

Today, while getting a ride to the bus stop to catch an express bus into the city for a meeting with my boss, I discovered that my dad is not only devoted father, adored teacher, loving husband, and has so much to teach me about hard work, patience, simplicity, and quiet persistance – but the man’s also poet! (and he don’t even know it…)

Found Poem: Spoken by David DeJong
at the corner of Old Redwood Hwy East Cotati Ave.
6:20AM Jan. 12, 2007

Proposed Title: Life’s Streetlight

“This is such a stupid light
there’s no one in sight
to the left or right

and finally someone’s there -
and it turns yellow”

§271 · January 12, 2007 · Sonoma County Splendor · · [Print]

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