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Written to the DPT of SF in response to received parking ticket in SF Public Library parking lot:

29 July 2009

To Whom it May Concern:

I pay this ticket with extreme disappointment. It is already well-known that there is some resentment around DPT and the parking situation in San Francisco. However, charging $63 dollars for a barely-expired meter in front of the public library just reeks of extortion. I’m disappointed not because of my personal loss of money, but because the city of San Francisco has decided to limit parking to one hour (again: in front of a public library? I wonder just how they expect anyone to ever get any research done whilt inside) – and the implications this has on its use.

As someone from out of town who drives to SF specifically to use its impressive library (and thereby brings money into the city, through bridge tolls, parking, food, etc.), I know I certainly will think twice before frequenting it– and the surrounding businesses – in the future.

In conjunction with the recent “city tax” on all purchasable items, it’s a wonder there is any tourism left in SF.

Shannon DeJong

CC: Office of Gavin Newsom
CC: San Francisco Chronicle | Letters to the Editor

2 Comments to “The (DPT) Trial – Kafkaesque Bureaucracies in Full Effect”

  1. kathi DeJong says:

    I am so glad you sent copies to the Chronicle and Mayor Newsom!! Mooms

  2. gigi says:

    There’s a lot I use under the civic center (right outside the library) that ends up being pretty cheap. I have 400 in parking tickets for meters around there and now just pay the money upfront.

    But kudos for the letter. I can generally get them overturned in SF (Vallejo is another story).

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