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“I travel half-way around the world, and all I get is this stinkin’ opportunity”

So, it seems like I can’t even get away from work, even when on vacation. Pfft! [rolls eyes disingenuously] Actually, I am very excited: I was speaking with my host-friend Jenny, who works in public health here in Vietnam, and she was telling me about a local NGO (Non Governmental Organization) that has gone through a re-branding effort, and now needs some assistance establishing itself. They do development work in some of the poorest regions of the country -work such as safe cooking practices, basic sanitation, and health education. And they needs a website.

In short, we’ve diverted plans and are heading out on a 7 hour car ride to Nghe An, a remote region of Vietnam, where we are going to work in the field doing interviews to gather information on what this organization does and how they work to better be able to write for them a website.

This is an opportunity for me to see some otherwise inaccessable areas of the country, work with one of the only local NGOs in Vietnam, (write!) and contribute to what I’ve seen so far is a wonderful organization.

I’ll be offline for the next couple of days. When I get back, it’s off to Bangkok!

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  1. royarose says:

    Shannon-saving the world one branding effort at a time!

  2. Mark says:

    I think SALT gets a percentage of any work you find on your trip. ;-) Take care of yourself!

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