Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

It is with extreme sadness and spiked loss that I mention the passing of my friend and mentor, David Bromige.  I wanted to be able to write a great spread of prose or poetry, honoring his sharp wit, playful creativity, and a life in words.

But for now, I will just provide this link and some quotes I captured during our lazy days writing poetry in the garden of his Sebastopol home… because sometimes things need time to sink in before the words come.

My love and support to his family Cecilia, Maggie & Chris.


You can’t be a poet without being arrogant or naïve

On collaboration:
It’s best to maintain peace as long as you can — (at some point you’ll break down and declare war) — but maintain peace as long you can.

He just disappeared! They can do that, Buddhist monks– invisibility and removing the fear of death are part of their super powers.

At the “Bromige School of Writing” that’s what we like to see – complete confidence…even if it’s shit.

(Regarding his poems:)
They must mean something to someone somewhere

Small things, the world is made up of them…small things

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    Yours, Chris Bromige

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