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Over Phó? we do the math: Dental school + band member in high-school + ran track = you’re a geek. (That’s hot.)

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Dear Readers,
Perhaps this is as good a time as any to clarify a few things. I’ve had some concerns / questions / interest in further understanding the selection criteria and parameters of my 20/20/20 Project. I have every intention on elaborating on this here project I’m working on; I’m taking a lot of interesting notes on the sidelines, sketching out some brief narratives about each date, and looking to tie it all together—perhaps even wrap it up with a nice little bow in time for the holidays–but unfortunately I’m finding myself a little, well, busy.

Hey: you’d be busy too if you were going on all these dates.

But I would like to take this opportunity to mention a few things:
To answer a common question: yes, each and every person with whom I set up a date was aware of the caveat that I might be writing about it. It was in my original Craigslist post (which has now been deleted, and sadly, I forgot to save.) I have ethics, you know.

Selection criteria was as broad, unbiased, and open-minded as I could make it. Obviously there was some amount of self-selection (those who responded to my post in the first place) but there was no picture posted, no picture requested (except for the few who sent one anyway) and I tried to chose a wide variety of people–anyone interesting.

For the record: I responded to every letter I got, even if it was just to say “thank you for writing.” One person even responded with “Thank you for your email. Your email tells me that you are a kind and humble person by heart. I really appreciate that” which I thought was just great, and makes me think the typical Craigslist interaction is one frequently plagued with lack of response.

To answer another common question: no, I didn’t expect my date to pay for me but, yes, sometimes they insisted and yes, sometimes *I* paid for the whole thing (in the case of someone in school–hey, I remember being a starving student not too long ago.)

To address the most common question asked: no, tragically, I haven’t yet met the love of my life–but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been meeting some really lovely people. San Francisco: you’re lovely, really lovely.

(however, date #6 — posted today — even though you used a fake name at first (which happened to be a football coach at your high school who had an affinity for mac and cheese) I forgive you, and would actually be down to get Phó? again. I’ve tried emailing you, but your account seems to have been deleted. Are you trying to avoid me? I didn’t mean to insult you when I called you a geek. Maybe you got scared off because I told you I was a geek, too?)

Keep following,

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