Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

Tally so far: $60

Complaint #12: I’ve been subpoenaed.

Realization: Being in the right place at the wrong time blows. Complaining about it doesn’t change it.

I’m still pissed [statement of fact]. I’m very frustrated that I had to witness a woman fall in the hallway of my San Francisco apartment [fact] and two years later have been called as witness for impending litigation [fact] over something so trivial [calm statement of subjective opinion] which is now becoming a huge inconvenience because the date of the trial hasn’t even been set so I have to plan the next couple of weeks of my life over this effing trial because some chick had to go and fall on her a** right in front of me [Complaint...]

Tally so far: $65

Complaint #13: [Please see above]

Realization: Stop while you’re ahead.

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