Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

A single complaint: $5
Tally to date: $60
Learning-the-hard-way-that-complaining-is-a-waste-of-time-and-my-energy- is-better-spent-doing-anything-but: priceless.

For the sake of rounding up, I am rounding up(:) the Perspective Fund to a crisp $100 (I’d be kidding myself if I didn’t think fallen through the cracks of good behavior slipped a few unrecorded complaint tokens.)

No, $100 isn’t a lot monetarily, but the good (humbling) lessons that came along with every dollar certainly has to count for something.

I’m currently considering to which fund to donate. Any suggestions?

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1 Comment to “CLOSED: Perspective Fund”

  1. You might consider the Three Rolls and a Pretzel Charitable Trust,

    “We put the ‘fun’ in fund, and all others put the ‘rust’ in trust.”

    The Three Rolls and a Pretzel Charitable Trust has been known to actively enrich the local community with a rich, manifold strategy for dissemination of funds.

    Previous successful philanthropic efforts have included, but were by no means limited to:

    [a] the acquisition of lingerie for girlfriends, which has statistically shown to visibly raise individual and community morale

    [b] investment in wine and spirits for the purposes ritualistic consumption meant to bolster consumer confidence and facilitate item a.

    [c] community outreach through selective and discerning probability investment in equestrian racing, known to facilitate item b.

    Any and all inquires can be directed to http://www.threerollsandapretzel.blogspot.com. Thank you for your time.

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