Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

Dearest NKS Readers and The Occasional Surfer Who Stumbles onto My Site by Googling  ”Oddwall,”  ”Cragslist dates,”  or  ”How Much Does a Transvestite Cost?”   (top searches that turn up this blog): I apologize that Project Muu-Muu was put on hold after only two days — but what with the rising cost in gas, I couldn’t make […]


§470 · April 27, 2008 · Announcements, Muu-Muu · 1 comment ·

Project Muu-Muu has gone off without a hitch. In the last two days I have learned two lessons regarding the wearing of muu-muus: 1. Despite ample ventilation, the polyester ones are not condusive to auto-cooling; 2. Against all reason, muu-muus can be worn fashionably (somewhat). Observe: The first day of my week-long muu-muu-wearing escapade, I […]


§464 · April 19, 2008 · Muu-Muu · 3 comments ·

Pretty straightforward: I bought several muu-muus from Goodwill (it was Half-Off Friday). I am going to wear them for a week. Pictures included. I would love to tell you that it’s a statement against global warming, or to raise awareness of obesity rates among young people, or as a way to comment on the globalization of […]


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