Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

I’m thinking about recreating this wonderful ad which I posted earlier as being one of the most beautiful ads shot locally in San Francisco. Instead of using mini super-balls, however, we’d use those gigantic yoga balls–and more like 20 or 30, instead of 250,000.

You know, just for the hell of it.

I proposition anyone interested to contact me, most especially if you have a large ball to loan. We’d put you in the credits: promise.

This request is also posted on Craigslist here.

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4 Comments to “Bouncy Balls Gone Grand”

  1. Mike B says:

    You should see these Flickr photos of the original filming here:

  2. Friend Lee says:

    Some people have athlete’s feet.

    I have yoga balls.

  3. caffinated says:

    20 to 30? i say 500 large yoga balls and i’m in. got the camera, and video camera ready to go.

  4. Kari says:

    Found that a picture of the ad’s shoot (original link was 404). Way cool. Actually the person had several shots: http://www.flickr.com/photos/saramorishige/28841983/#comment8116041.

    I used to have a pink/yellow one. They weren’t my favorite colors, but, dang, that thing could bounce!

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