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I was invited to this blog hop by the delightful writer Julia Halprine Jackson, whose work I had the pleasure of performing at ActionFiction!. Blog hop is a virtual jaunt of writer’s writing about writing. Here goes:

What am I working on?
Staying sane. Keeping my voice honest and my pen moving. Being the best human I can be.
Writing projects that allow me to practice this? Currently: scripts for the camera and the stage. Full timely enrolled at Waterfront Playhouse & Conservatory, much of my energy is payed into developing my acting technique. But being a performer and writer, I love it when I keep the two crafts alive in a single project. I’m writing a short for my film group Next Yes, and finishing off the last edit to my grandfather’s oral history/memoir I helped him write. Also, a booklet of poems called “Toilet Haiku” where I have to write one haiku every time visit the Ladies.

How is my work different than others in its genre?
I’m a woman of contrast and juxtaposition: My acting colors my poetry, my performance art colors my acting, my Corporate Copywriting colors my performance art and my Zen practice colors my Corporate Copywriting job–words (and wordless Words) are part of all of them, and the Voice does not distinguish the false boundaries of genre. It just pulls like hell from all the tools it gots in order to be heard.

How does my writing process work?
Up before dawn (ideally), Jasmine tea, journal, meditate, freewrite, space out, cry, freewrite, dance around my apartment (clothing optional), move to a coffee shop, re-read freewrite, let that piece inspire a blog post, edit, edit, edit, feel over-caffinated and return home, start to do dishes, neurose about the value of a clean house vs Getting Shit Done, check email, re-read blog post, turn it into a script, spend 2 hours acting out script (costume and props possible), feel suddenly tired and irritated, realize I haven’t exercised, exercise OR don’t exercise and swear I will tomorrow, notice it’s almost time for class and rush off with an airstream of still-dirty dishes and unfolded clothes behind me, class, swear I’m going to go to bed right after class and not stay up to check Twitter but find I have too much adrenaline in my system to go right to bed so make myself a Magnesium cocktail while reading Twitter, bed. Repeat, with optional weekend completion of writing piece while hunched over computer as the sun is streaming through mauve silk curtains and all is right with the world.

Why do I write what I do?
I write what I write because if I didn’t write what I write, I’d write nothing at all, and that wouldn’t be right. Right?

Next week three writers I love will be carrying the Blog Hop torch:

Kate Gotsis
Kate Gotsis is no one special. Earning not a single credit in high school, she went on to earn her GED and complete 160 hours at three different community colleges, eventually earning herself an Associates Degree in nursing, as well as 71,000 dollars in student loan debt. She brings home the bacon by tending to the chronic illness’ of those fortunate enough to be cared for at one of the most prestigious hospitals in the whole entire world. She also sometimes helps people die and can tell you with absolute certainty, that there is such a thing as a soul. She writes simply to stay alive, as her thoughts are so plentiful, she must dump them out on a regular basis in order to keep the pressure low enough so her skull does not explode. Her motto is: To hell with grammar, I shall have my say any frickin’ way!
Find her site here.

Robin Puro
Writes about food, travel, climbing and adventures with her dog, Pipi. Her voice is smooth like Vitamin D milk sipped in the morning on a patio during a cool, still day in Fall. Solid like the Earth, she always brings a reflective air to anything she writes.
Find her site here.

Ian Boisvert
Ian revels in drawing links between the seemingly unconnected. For example, Alice’s experience in Through the Looking Glass helped him explain to New Zealanders how they create conflict in their coastal waters. He also loves shattering perceived boundaries such what happens inside our minds being reflected outside our bodies. He likes to think his writing is simple, wry, and descriptive. He doesn’t like to think about how long it will take before this is actually true.
Find his site here.

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