Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

And March is the destination.

Speaking of journey-destinations and such, imagine my surprise when — after not thinking of it for close to, say, 15 years? — the movie “Flight of the Navigator” popped into my head. (No, really, it did — just like that).

Perfect! I thought out loud, this is a perfect segway into March!

Flight of the Navigator

In case you’re wondering how “Flight of the Navigator” is related to the third month of the calendar year, let me make the connection for you: Flight of the Navigator was created in the 80′s. I was created in the 80′s. I was created in March. Ahhhhh! Getting the gist, now? (Sorry, it’s a lame “gist”).

I had given myself a deadline many years ago by which I had to, er, accomplish something. That thing, so far as I can remember, was to finish a piece of writing of some (some) level of quality, ready to be sent out into the world, for adequate failure. But at least it would be finished! And that deadline? The quarter-of-a-century-age, that significant un car de ciecle: The Big 2-5. Well, it’s here. Nearly.

So, I’m attempting to create something of my own this March to help me along: A Project. What else?

And you? You — you fabulous reader, you? You’re part of it.

Stay tuned.

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