Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

Stuck, already, at the car rental.

The night is still, perfectly comfortable, cool. I missed the sunset but was undeterred, knowing I will drive to Las Vegas in silence. Perhaps overly eager, I failed to get a map, or directions, from the almost overly-friendly Advantage car rental employee, his hair bleached in strips and spiked on one side. His left ear had 2 diamond-like studs. I smiled at him when he handed me the keys, but not because he upgraded me for free. I recognized him from last year.

There is no gas in the car. The attendant has me waiting, just a moment, please. In that “just a moment” I will write this post, call my mother, and finish 4 chapters in my book.

For those directions I will call my cousin D., and smile again when they consist of “Exit University after the Shell Station; take a left turn at Walgreens; right at Burger King; right again at KFC.” Ah, yes.

D. lives with… dudes. The couches will be covered in gray and grayish sheets. They will use plastic cups. There will be only three items of decoration in the entire house: a Scarface poster, a Mohammed Ali poster, and a poster with 30 different types of “shits.”

I am always grateful to have a place to stay, regardless, but I will not be ‘unpleased’ when I find out that D.’s friend and girlfriend have offered me a quiet bedroom in their house. I am not particularly in the mood to be pissed on in the middle of the night again.

I will sleep well; eat papitos; have a beer (not in that order). I will be ready to move on.

I will hear more stories about DUIs, local politics, and college sports in 12 hours than in the previous 12 months. God Bless you, Las Vegas, New Mexico – the terracotta pink + pale blue sponge painting; the green chile for breakfast; the thin, dry air that convincesĀ  Sea level is for suckers! High desert altitude is where it’s at, baby!

Ah! I must be back in New Mexico.

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  1. Roya Rose says:

    my first roommate in college had the “shit” poster. and insisted on putting it up.

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