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I want the right to complain when I have a bad customer service/brand/product experience, so I have to uphold my end of the bargain by giving a shout-out when I encounter the opposite.

So, in that interest, I’m pasting  feedback I gave to AT&T in a recent survey. No, I don’t have time to be filling out online surveys, but when has practicality ever stopped me from engaging in meaningless action?

My POS (Point of Sale) experience here in PHX:

They were awesome. I had two gentleman help me, both were super friendly, without being ‘smarmy’… real and genuine. I actually have been putting off going into a store to upgrade because of feeling like I was being upsold. (Then I just buy low out of spite.) I walked into that store wanting to get out as quickly as possible and pay as little as possible.

HOWEVER, because the reps were so relaxed and helpful, I was HAPPY to go with the more expensive phone — you just bought yourself some customer loyalty with a good POS “brand experience.” (also, your new data & phone packages are MUCH more straight-forward… THANK YOU).

ATT should seriously consider keeping with that business model: sincerely transparent options & genuinely real service. Here’s your new tagline: “AT&T: Painless.”

Give these guys a raise. I’ll be twittering/facebooking/blogging a positive experience.

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  1. andrew weir says:

    It is great to hear this kind of story.
    I am convinced that brand organisations that get it right (like AT&T) will win because they understand that delivering great brand experiences will encourage advocacy….

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