Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

…in San Francisco: even more showers, apparently. But with those showers, there are great changes afoot.

1. It’s a new month with a new theme (April = Travel!)
2. We’re working on a new look for NKS (spring fashion, people!)
3. There are new projects coming down the line (including In Rod We Trust, The Drunk Radio Shack™ Experiment, and Ahoy, Hanoi! )
4. We’re launching (hold on to your hats, now) a new website!

Whoa, whoa, whoa: not so fast. I know what you’re thinking: this is all moving a little too quickly…this is a lot of change…you need time to process…I mean, we’ve only just met…and already I’m demanding some kind of commitment from you? Commitment to a new theme, new projects and another website?!

Yes. And you’ll be fine. It’s called “growth.”

April’s not getting any younger, so let’s get down to work:
Project Slinky has wrapped up:

[Commence Debriefing Session]
So how went Project Slinky, that wacky gathering that took place on March 25th in the interest of generating creative enthusiasm? Greatly. So greatly, in fact, we’re creating an independent Project Slinky website.

(->Yes, you heard right: A Homepage. Project Slinky. Slinky-homepage. Aren’t you excited? I know you are. You’re so excited you wanted that last sentence to have included a link. But it didn’t. You’re hovering your mouse over and over the words, searching for some kind of active redirect, but there is none. This is intentional. You’ll have to read on further. I’m such a tease.

{->->Please note, for just a moment, how wonderful the fact that we live in an age where such a thing as a “link-tease” might exist.

[->->->Speaking of links, I’m a little embarassed on the Project Slinky status. See: I wanted to present an official-like, post-slinky wrap-up that included a proper unveiling of the new Official Project Slinky Homepage. But: I haven’t gotten around to setting up the site. So just be patient. And when I provide you a link, and it doesn’t work, trust that it will…soon.] } )

But I digress! And now I’m back! And it’s true! The first meeting of Project Slinky was a success:

Paintings, sketches, music, script, photography, architecture, baking and cake decoration, cooking and the art of mass feeding / crowd-pleasing, radio broadcasting, mobile game engineering, “performance art” (you know who you are), installation piece, short story fiction, found writing, found art, needlepoint, musical composition, flower arrangement, and a hedgehog (blowfish?) made out of a grapefruit and toothpicks. Awesome.

On a personal note,
I got so much out of knowing people got so much out of it. The crowning moment was bearing witness to the spectacular juxtapositions: computer engineer reads fiction, street-art photographer connects with radio-broadcaster, video game critic writes movie script, Jack-N-the-Box dinner eaten next to freshly prepared psole, urban hipster mixes live clarinet samples, South African rockstar-brander chats with my best friend’s mother, my own mother drinks wine while friends from high school tape 40s to their hands — I mean, come on: discords of people gathering to form harmony where cacophony would be expected. Now that’s art.

Hell, getting people who have known me anywhere from 20 minutes to 25 years to drive anywhere from 30 minutes to 8 hours to come to an unknown, off-the-wall, idea-of-an-event was what inspired me.

And so, in speaking of inspiration, it’s enough to say the momentum was sparked. It was determined that Project Slinky (to be renamed The Slinky Collective?) will be continued. But, like a mother bird whose baby chick has grown strong wings, NotKeepingScore must now kick Project Slinky out of the website nest. Without further ado — for those who participated in, are interested in learning more about, or would like to join up with, I will now redirect to the Official Project Slinky Website. UPDATE 11/1/07: This is really is now, no joking, cross-my heart and hope to die: a genuine link with the NEW website. Promise.

* * *
SCENE: A San Francisco studio. It is raining outside. A twenty-four-five-year-old woman stands in the middle of the room.

Shannon: [Wiping brow] Shit. That link is going to be broken. I knew I shouldn’t have posted until I got that damn Slinky page set up. I hope people understand that I WILL get around to it. I just haven’t… yet.

[Shannon looks across the Internet horizon and sees the landscape much the same as the aftermath of a party: its hollow emptiness still vibrates with a lingering but quickly fading energy. Anything said is spoken to an audience of one. There are a few empty beer cans]

Shannon: Okay. Back to NotKeepingScore. [She looks around] Hunh. No one still reading. All redirected. Probably got mad at the broken link. Vowed never to visit again. Oh well. [She flops down in her favorite blue and green armchair by the window] Phew. I’m exhausted.

[Recognizing again that she is, actually, alone, Shannon proceeds to talk to herself]

Shannon: Project Slinky — it wasn’t about a birthday celebration. People came to the creative event thinking I was also celebrating my birthday. But fuck being 25. I mean — sure. Sure. It was gggrrreeeaaattt having such a nice ring-in. But secretly, it was about the letting go, too. People don’t know it, but I didn’t have them come to celebrate my birthday. It was a trick. They were there to complete a circle, begin a new one. That house — that house where we gathered — it was about possibility. [Mumbling] The potential for the creation of great things. And faith. It’s about faith. The belief in the possibility for greatness. The belief in the possibility of possibilities. Or, having faith in the belief in the potential for possible greatness to be created, and having belief in the faith that the creation of that belief is possible –

[Shannon catches her reflection in the mirror. She squints her eyes, cocks her head]

Shannon: Huh? What the fuck are you saying, Shannon? [mumbling:] belief in faith…creation of possibility… greatness, potential… [closes eyes and shakes head] You’re losin’ it. You’re nuts. Totally nuts.

[She shrugs her shoulders and stands. She looks out the window, puts her palms, fingers downward, to her lower back and arches. She raises arms overhead and lets out a deep, satisfying sigh. She notices across the street a svelte, olive-skinned woman sauntering in heels, her skirt dangerously close to revealing the truth of her gender. Shannon smiles.]

Shannon: Goodnight, Candy.

[Shannon penguin-walks to the light switch, her hand hovering over the plastic toggle. She surveys the San Francisco studio apartment, now aglow with the streetlight from outside, orange and sultry. She furrows her brow, then softens.]

Shannon: What’s the freakin’ score? Hell if I know [smiles]

[She flips the switch. Light goes out.]

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