Best class yet. Moving in spontaneous outbursts and combustion-ing skills, no thought (the mind was gone because I had to focus on the musicality, see?), her shrieking at EXACTLY THE RIGHT TIME when she turned around and interrupted me. Four people standing and swinging like doors on greasy hinges — “try contrasting the energy!” — and the flipping through like a rolodex of story.

Dreamscape was awesome. Starting with a hesitation was the most confident choice I could have made; sound orbs; angelic siren; “time to call the hospital!” and some kind of manic tantrum turned insanity. “It’s the musicality, see?” Then K. appeased the din, calming the storm, bringing it home. Close.

Such good partner work tonight. I felt tuned in to everyone and everyone tuned in to me. A. and I agreed after class that it was the focus –”it’s the MUSICALITY, see?!”

I had a moment where I found myself thinking (which was absent most of class, praise the God’s of NoMind) — “our little class performance on the 7th is going to be good, Goddammit!” Proud of all of our progress, apparent to see energies syncing.

Afterwards talked with O. about producing my solo performance, BURST. He gave me a nice lead, and some even better encouragement, and to be perfectly honest, after a class like tonight — how can I not do my show? I saw clearly the ridiculous nature of my hesitations: this has nothing to do with anything but the fact that the hands-down, all-up, no-contest, #1 thing I want to do at any one time is act. Express. Perform. Improv. Connect. Be present.

Sometimes I get home from work and all I want to do is sleep. “World, leave me alone I must crawl into a hole!” Getting myself to exercise can be a chore. I can barely get myself to eat dinner, let alone leave the house.

But on Wednesday and Thursday nights, when I have my two improv classes, although initially I grumble and complain, by the time I get to class I am like a puppy at a dog park.

After class tonight, still beaming from the great energy of it all, I ran up the stairs to my apartment as a child, skipping and giggling with my favorite-ist treat: “I have class again tomorrow night! I have class again tomorrow night!”

I could do this every night, for the rest of my life