Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

I’ve been dragging my feet on posting, mainly because so much change is going on, I don’t exactly know where to start. That, and my ebbing/flowing anxiety about writing something somewhat entertaining/interesting/readable prevents me from posting until I have an “angle” (thank you CCSF Journalism 10A class).

Aborting that, I will simply write something mediocre/simple/true.

I’ve been in a new country/city/state (of mind) every other month, it seems. Last was no exception: I house-sat for a friend in Taos, NM and worked with a woman on developing a script for a one-woman-show.  After 2 attempts at a novel (first one fiction; second one memoir), I finally realized the story I’ve been trying to write for 3 years wanted to be told on stage, and apparently I am the one to stage it.

“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” -Emerson

It’s funny how when you hit upon the right thing, the right thing takes over: Suddenly the floodgates are open and I’m trying to remain buoyant enough to let the waters take me where they will: I finished the script only days ago, and  suddenly I am going back to Santa Fe for August to work with a director,  hook up with a producer, and put the thing on in late August. I was even offered a generous stay in a friend’s friend’s guesthouse for the month. I’ll post when details are final, but it looks like we just booked the Railyard Theatre in Santa Fe for August 21st and 22nd. (Update: Show opening Aug. 28th & 29th). My first show!

I’m not sure whether I’m devestatingly excited or delirously nervous.

In the meantime, my cat Patches (aged: 19) is still alive (she is my most tenacious tie to California); my 10 year high school reunion is this weekend, and I did another Mortified performance this past weekend, which I always love. It makes me wish I was funnier; I love making people laugh. Especially at my expense. I think true, grateful humility is my most favorite human emotion.

Amid all this crazy creative development, I have somehow still been blessed with freelance work. Thank you corporate America! All those things I said about the negative effects of modern consumerism… I retract. Friends?

Joining me on the next leg of my Voyage of Perpetual Motion to Santa Fe will be Ian Gray. Have you met this guy? You should.  He’s Kafka, Jesus, Barney (the purple dinosaur), The Mad Scientist and German mysticism all wrapped up in one. I didn’t even know it was physically possble. He’s one to watch: by 2015 he’ll either be composing mad symphonies to rival Mahler, publishing Rilke-style haiku/prose-poems, or solving cancer through bacterial processes. Or maybe he’ll throw all that out the window and you’ll find him wanderng with a begging bowl along the Basho trail in Japan, doing nothing more than Being.  I’m glad I had the good sense to make him my boyfriend. I’m glad he had the bad sense to agree to it.

More to come as more comes…

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Even more heroic! Go shanny, go! Hoping to come to Santa Fe. Looking into tix!

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