Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

Dedicated to Robin (for the inspiring shock of wisdom) & Kate (for the courage of her own instant art):

I feel it all, the universe is changing, and this is a freewrite and already there is tension. There are nerves. I like that better: this is a freewrite and already there are nerves. Could I ever publish this? I’m scared to publish something so raw., unfiltered, naked….My words are woven like candy sacks, smooth and strawberry. She said that my moment I am so distracted by an audience, oh, how to perform. I will go away and cry now, always always crying. Oh, god, there goes the baby again – my mother would say, and chris would go looking for the baby. Under the couch is where she’d find me, my mom, because I was so small I’d get lost. Who needs all this we do. We do. We need all the details and the confusion, because otherwise we’d have nothing to write about. Three stormy women embark upon being writers, and they cross paths just in time. Just in time! I mean, who needs a yahoo when you have friends, motivation, ears and competition? The skull and cross bones are for another day. Tonight, I choose peace. Tonight, I choose the 8-ball of Knowing and all Majesty & Magic. Go along, you roudy boy — my mr. kerouac, longing and rushed from dusty New Mexico across this great grape continent, loving you, I am you, watching you, I am everything else. Who else? Who wants it all? Oh! Oo.! I do! I do! Fifteen tiny hands shoot up in the air — oo! –ooo! me! me! and the classroom falls silent. Everything is happening. Everything is here, isn’t it? Ah, you great glowing universe, you fluctuate in brightness depending only on my mood, but always, always glowing beneath my mud, aren’t you? Aren’t you? I love, I am love, I see love happen before me, and I am calm.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    yeah….now this is what i love. the soft edges and flowiness of your shan-o-text. love.

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