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“A blank piece of paper is God’s way of telling us how hard it to be God.” -Sidney Sheldon

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More collaborative poems with David Bromige, my mentor… and don’t ask me who Janice or Betty is. Or if you do, I’ll tell you they are perfect illustrations of David’s humor. Putting a name like “Betty” in a poem? Writing about a jazz singer we don’t know? David was always reminding me not to take myself nor poetry too seriously…

May 7, 2008
14 lines; 10-12 syllables per line
Shannon / David every other line

I think I’ve heard this kind of song before
I cock my head for tendrils that identify
But I feel my engine lagging—it’s the heat.
I would have made that kind of music yesterday
I still can play. But dammit lost the beat.
They wouldn’t let me off the stage. Their screams for more
Wailed sweeter than the horn. Those were high times.
But tell me what’s with you? I heard you played again,
The other day, up around—oh what’s it called? Well,
Anyway. Good to meet again. High time I split.
Tell Janice I still got it’ but don’t think
for one minute I’d go back. All that work! No, the
Homefront glues me to it. You know me, that
Quiet nest is all I’ve ever dreamed of, just about.

May 20, 2008
12-14 lines; 10-12 syllables per line
Shannon / David every other line

I just don’t think he ever found his bag
Time was not the issue. Nor was ambition.
Both of those we know he had in plenty.
(Had.) Not every dog can have his day.
Wait- This thing with him is not tough luck.
A door swung open. He refused to walk through.
Such arrogance comes from only one place:
A woman always holds a special sway.
I think that Betty had plenty to put up with
He left her once. Claimed some artistic reason.
I guess it’s true, she is something special
That laugh’s enough. Inspires-     sacrifice.

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  1. Crystal says:

    Wow! Love these…and I don’t even like poetry…or so I think. :)

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