Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

I showed up the Penngrove Firestation, my polling place, in the early afternoon.

I was excited to vote. I’ve been largely undecided through the past few weeks, owing to my pervasive innate indecisiveness, but also to my mixed feelings about the candidate choices —

before Obama even decided to run, I was a fan. Ever since reading about him in the Economist a year and a half ago, I thought he was presidential material. And of all years for him to run, this was his chance year.

Hillary, I’ve always liked her involvement in health care — a very big issue for me — and although she seems more political and divisive (can you just imagine the GOP going after her in the general elections?), I have to admit, I like Team Billary anyway.

And every one else? Sorry, I’m in it to win.

But I woke up this morning and decided to go with my original feelings — I was arguing with my friend back in January of ’07 that I wanted to see in the white house someone who could inspire the country again, regardless of experience or politics, and that Obama was it.

Plus, when it comes to voting, my decision methods are simple: Cry me once, shame on me. Cry me twice, shame on you. Oh, Hill- I was with you for the first waterworks, but you should know better than to try the same stint twice. And at Yale, of all places.

So there you go.

I told myself that I wasn’t going to write on NKS about my primary election opinions — honestly, I’m not smart enough to publish political opinions in a public forum.

But then I arrived at my polling station, where my registration was apparently cancelled. I had them call the San Francisco Registrar’s Office in the event I was still registered there. Nope.

I was a homeless voter.

And so, I was turned away with no glowing satisfaction of citizenly duty, nor cocky “I VOTED, DID YOU?” sticker.

Dejected, I drove home and checked my email. In my inbox was an all-call to vote for Obama.

“I wish I could!” I shouted, my voice truly going unheard. [sigh]

And so all I can do, I suppose, is watch as the results come in, and write this little post in the hopes that some of you out there, if undecided, forgive me and my celebrity friends for sharing our opinions:

OBAMA in’08

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  1. alia says:

    Yes you can! Write about politics, that is.

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