Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

What day is this?

Having successfully made the first leg of the trip to Istanbul, Mom and I stop in London. I hop on an internet cafe (ALL airports should be so equipped!) during our 4 hour layover. I try to write something clever (was there something about the flight that was interesting? Maybe that they were all out of vegetarian meals, but then the flight attendent found the last one for me… no. Not interesting. Ooh! We got free eye pillows and little toothbrushes! No, not interesting either…) but am distracted by the energetic German being spoken next to me. A 200lb. leather-studded, multiple-piercings, tattoo-emblazoned biker, types feverishly on his keyboard, and then points to his compatriots. I let my mom use the computer for a bit, wander behind the German group, and see a pink MySpace profile up on the screen.

I’d love to stay longer but I just paid $8.08 for two teas and a water.

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