Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

Well they’re finally here — Levi’s iPod Enabled Pants. You know what this means, don’t you? We get to add another pair of pants to the Ugly Pants File — that figurative circular metal bin you throw old clothes into like on What Not to Wear.

What, may I ask, was wrong with keeping your iPod in your, er, regular pocket? Isn’t that why gadget manufacturers are constantly clamoring to create ever-smaller devices in the first place? That’s what we mean by “pocket-sized,” people.

But rather than agree with all the of negative bashing going out there in the blogosphere, I don’t think the pants are all that bad. In fact, I might actually go grab myself a pair. That way, not only am I digitally connected, but any would-be boyfriend can keep me on a short leash.

[From IndependentSources.com]

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