Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

Un-huh: that’s right. I’m embarking upon my first Project:

20 Dates in 20 Days in 20 Words: an Experiement in Online Dating and Succinctness, but Love: Not So Much.”
Follow this adventurous newly-single urban female as she attempts to go on 20 online dates in 20 days… and describe it in 20 words, exactly–the first in a series about the blossoming world of online dating, transvestite prostitutes, Generation Now, and perhaps some profound insights on what we’re all looking for: a little bit of human connection.

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1 Comment to “20 Dates in 20 Days in 20 Words: Launched”

  1. you better believe I'm keeping score says:

    Are these comments supposed to be for witty things?

    WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME ABOUT THE CRAIG MOVIE?! (sorry for the excessive punctuation).

    You know I’m the biggest craigslist junkie around!

    I hate you.
    I love you.

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