Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

The New York Times reported today that “Nevaeh” (nah-VAY-uh) is an increasingly popular name for girls, with modern parents inspired by Christian rock star Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D., who appeared on MTV in 2000 with his daughter, Nevaeh.

“Nevaeh,” you see, is “Heaven” spelled backwards.

As a professional namer, I think I’ll be taking this naming approach on future client projects. You know, like, “Erawtfos” for our next Microsoft product, or “Elibom” for some of our mobile phone clients, and I think I’ll offer up “Cigam” as a potential name the next time we work with Disney.

Hell, I don’t even have to be client-specific. “Eman” seems a genius name for anyone! Perhaps I’ll even patent the process and open up a naming agency of my own. We’ll call ourselves Sdrawkcab-ssa: Naming the wrong way.

Or, as my boss said when I mentioned this to him, “Tihsllub.”

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4 Comments to “What’s in an Eman?”

  1. aniger says:

    you just made me laugh.

  2. Esor Ayor says:

    i evol uoy reverof

  3. date no. 11 says:

    with one letter alteration you would get emam, a title not allowed to be used as an official designation when filling out an onboard questionaire to qualify for the first class seat on a kuwaiti airline. of course, 11 would be 11.

  4. Bob says:

    Wow, hah. A Toyota, deified.

    Draw no evil deed, live onward.

    Yay? Non! Nahs…

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