Taking no prisoners. Including herself.

…the Site
This site is devoted to exercises in both writing and life, through the embarkation (it’s a word, promise) upon Projects intended to entertain, enlighten and challenge both author and reader.

It was created as a way to simply get the author to write (nearly) every day, and has evolved into something that allows said author (that’s me) and said audience (that’s you) to explore, indulge in, push boundaries on and otherwise rub a metaphorical nose in, such disconnected topics as love, online dating, linguistics, bad poetry, “modernity,” San Francisco The World in all Her glory, and how to be a decent human being. (Still working on that last one.)
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…the Author
Shannon is a writer and performance artist who goes by the stage/pen/nick/pet name “GRAY”.

The picture you see here is included in the event that you are unimpressed with her verbal skills. She may not always be eloquent but she can always fall back on gymnastic party tricks.

A graduate of UC Berkeley in Linguistics and Mass Communications, she is fascinated by words, sounds, and other productive things to do with the mouth. Her favorite sounds are guttural plosives; her favorite words are “snarky” (number one) and “susurrus” (number two). If she had a third favorite word, it would be “aubergine” (maybe).

She is very interested in creative writing and journalism, branding and the ubiquity of mass communications, pop and global culture, the intersection between art and technology, bright colored shoes with bright colored laces that make her look FAST, and how cities are like people. Shannon is currently seducing San Francisco PenngroveVietnam Oakland Palo Alto.
Hello, Lover.

She is a big fan of social experiments that explore the borders and delineations of society and the self, and utter uniqueness in appearance or character—despite the fact that she is pretty generic looking and hasn’t said anything that hasn’t already been said before.

And she is grateful you’ve visited.

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5 Comments to “About…”

  1. hanoi jenny,not hanoi jane says:

    I prefer aubergine as your third favorite word, if readers are in fact allowed to vote, since it incites color as well. Great reads, here, m’dear. You are a true artist with your words. Go Novel. Why wait? hanoi

  2. CoRiNnE says:

    I have to say… You are an amazing writer Shannon.

  3. vince says:

    Vince and Alia are especially impressed with the back flip picture. Not to diminish the import of your words, but back flips are pretty fucking cool.

  4. Kari says:

    I’ve spent the last 6 hours reading your blogs and, can I way, catching up, as I’ve spent the last several years away from SoCo. Since I cannot think of a better term, you really, truly are an amazing writer. Even if what you are writing about sucks, thank you for making it real to us. And, as such, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch for me to believe someone, were he or she to remind me that I myself had/suffered a similar loss at some point in the past year. You have that capacity to make us (your readers, loyal and new) empathize with you in such a fresh and raw way. My love to you, your family, the dogs…but especially to you. Hugs

  5. Neil says:

    Not sure if you remember, we had met on a plane from San Fran to Seattle and then again, same day from Seattle to SF (about 4 years ago) I think. Somehow, I just found your blog again.
    Spent some time reading it and I just remembered why we were able to talk for so long back then.
    Hope you are well.


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